I’m in trash TV heaven

I knew about Pluto already through seeing it on Roku and having a look through.

But now I have the app on my lovely Zenfone 9 and everything looks even better – being in a little OLED screen form. To my utter joy I found it has over 10 series of Cheaters – right from series 1!! I LOVED that show – all the Joey Greco ones. The person who took over was just so boring by comparison.

I also just found all the series of Pimp My Ride!! Now I know probably both these shows were rigged to some extent – certainly I heard a lot of stories from former participants of Pimp My Ride who said not only that they already knew Xzibit was coming, but that they had to beat their car up even more for the show. The one other thing that they said was that the show gave them a contract that they were not permitted to sell their car until over a year after the show aired. That last one is pretty realistic and also actually fairly reasonable to me.

The sheer amount of choice, combined with now both and excellent phone screen but even MORE amazing audio quality. Live channels, films, a TONNE of paranormal stuff.

I don’t think I’ll ever be bored again!

Published by InsanityDaily

I'm a gamer. I'm a coaster. I am happy in general. We're all born by chance and we're all gonna die. That makes me no better or worse than you. Get over that fact and we'll probably get along. I comment on the Google news feed a lot. Oh, and I swear quite a lot.

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