Another one CROSSED OFF my list!!

Had some royally shit fish and chips tonight. Well, the fish was actually really perfectly done and it WAS a big bit – not least for a “Small cod”. But fuck me what I actually asked for and what I actually got were a set of very different things.

It really didn’t help the owners aren’t English. He asked if I wanted salt and vinegar – and clearly the only response he’s geared up for to this question is either “yes” or “no”. I said “just on the chips, please”. He did not appear to understand this. I then said “and could I have them wrapped separately please”. He did not appear to understand this either.

So there I sat and waited, with a very bad feeling about this.

After an excrutiating wait, presumably because a lot of customers are either easily pleased, or have also never ordered from there for a long time either, I finally got them, and got them home. Opened the box to find……cod and chips. In the same box together – some of the chips now integrated into the fucking fish batter. No salt and vinegar.

Fucking fuck off am I EVER going there again!

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