Gimmick’s going well, then….

And this the Flip 3. But ohhh, no, I’m suuuuure they’ve totally fixed everything with the Flip 4!! As for “what the alternatives are”. Well, perhaps an alternative I might suggest is BUY A NORMAL FUCKING PHONE that isn’t a stupid fucking gimmick that is clearly going to suffer from this problem. I don’t mean to sound like fucking Nostradamus here but I did kind of see this one coming down the tracks even before the first Samsung Flip launched. It’s a shit idea, it’s obviously only ever going to be a gimmick, and I also predict they’re going to give up the ghost with this shit a few short few years from now.

What do you honestly THINK is going to happen when you put constant stress on a glass screen and expect it to defy all basic scientific principles??

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