70’s Freddie Mercury Live On Stage

Noel used to be funny in The Mighty Boosh. I can’t comment on him in The Great British Bake Off as of course I couldn’t watch such tedious crap.

But here as a solo stand-up attempt, he’s a fucking mess. Seemingly confused at whether he’s trying out material for a sketch show, or doing the real thing in the here and now. The first 30, painful seconds are taken up by him telling the audience “I’m here!! You’re here as well! How are you up in the high seats! How are you down in the low seats!”, while you wait for any actual material to materialise.

The thing is, his singing voice is actually decent, but it’s used up in some bizarre song that doesn’t really hit any kind of mark. Even though he painfully marks it as a failure, it’s not a comedy device that he manages to pull off. And then going on to mock the middle-class, after earlier casually mentioning “moccasins”, which most people wouldn’t even be aware of as a slipper brand, at least by name, doesn’t really come off well.

The whole thing is a mess, with him seemingly just aiming to hook whatever is trendy to hook at that particular time, as opposed to just delivering from the heart. He also launches into various mannerisms that are neither him in reality or him in character – and thus they look completely inauthentic.

But yes I think we get you’re over 40 now. So well done.

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