Well I’m through the other side now, of day 1 of the strike. The best part was, all those ‘comrades’ on the picket line, all that actually amounts to standing around waiting for the Late shift to turn up (me), and then after you’ve gone in, they all fuck off again!! There was one man left at the end of the day. #Solidarity!!! Fuck offff.

As for me, I felt for those who are aggrieved. But I also felt in my heart of hearts that I was doing the right thing. I choose to be loyal to a company that rescued me from a hellish, horrible time at a job I hated, this late in my life. Do you really think I’m going to just turn round and dump on them after not even 6 months of working there?? Do I have to strike “just cos….well….we all are!”. No. That isn’t how logic works. At least not for me.

If I felt Royal Mail were treating me like shit, yes, I’d strike. Whether I’d been there a week or 20 years. I do not feel like Royal Mail are treating me like shit. I am not going to strike!!

No one was around when I returned with a van STUFFED full. No one except my lovely manager, who swapped my depot location for the strike days, and who actually gave me my Collections hours in the first place. He arranged all the sacks and parcels in the yorks as I passed them out of my van. I asked if they’ll be going up tonight and he said yes, he’s got a lorry coming. So what I did today was not all for nothing.

And I do not feel guilty. As much as they have a right to strike, I have the right NOT to strike thanks very fucking much. And the manager told me others have broken the strike too. GOOD!!

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