Stephen’s Zenfone 9 Review Predictions: Correct, As Always

Oh look, under Cons: “No wireless charging”. Whilst I cannot now prove I was predicting this achingly dull “Con” on my Twitter account weeks before they wrote it (because I’ve “deactivated” my Twitter account), I assure you that I did. And I’ve alluded to it on here in the past couple of weeks.

It’s as pathetic as it is predictable. Name me 1 single instance where you’ve thought “oh, I wish I could wirelessly charge right now!!”. Name me 1 single advantage of wireless charging over normal charging. Spoiler alert – you won’t be able to, because there are none. Honestly, where is the benefit, or indeed the point, in carrying around a wired wireless charger over just a wired charger?

But I get it….I get it. “I’m a tech journalist. I’ve stated that as my job. So I have to put “No wireless charging” as a “Con” here. My point is proven right here:

Well….WHY is it a shame???? You can’t just say “it’s a shame this isn’t there”, not qualify that statement, and expect everyone who knows jack shit about technology to just automatically stroke their chin going “hmm, yah, yah, you’re so right”. The fact is you CAN’T say why, because you’re a tech journalist, and all you know about is the latest design trends and buzzy terms. You don’t know anything about their actual practicality day to day.

Oh dear.

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