Slick as all hell

….but can I play Candy Crush on it??

All joking aside this is a seriously impressive camera, but with the one baffling caveat that puts me off Sony phones now – their utterly bizarre decision to stop bothering to make their own Gallery tool, so you’re forced to use fucking shitty Google Photos – something I simply do NOT WANT TO DO. If I wanted to use Google Photos I’d buy a fucking Pixel phone. If I wanted to run out of space I’d buy a 15gb Micro SD card.

YES of course you can choose a different app to save your photos too – and sure, SOME of those are even free, and some have a decent amount of storage. But first of all I don’t want that level of faff. I want to set up my phone, take a photo and boom, it’s saved to the phone’s Gallery, NOT to Google Photos. Secondly, and I am talking from direct experience here, because I bought the Xperia 1 III last year, if you then deny Google access to your photos, it triggers an error message every single fucking time you take a photo. So you have NO REAL CHOICE than to revert to Google Photos.

It makes absolutely no sense when your whole selling point (very, very clearly here), is the photos. So who are you aiming a camera centric phone at that is going to be happy with 15gb of Google Photos storage?? Not least when you then still include an SD card slot!! Sony have really dropped the ball on this one.

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