Money pleeeeeeease

No I’m not asking my lovely followers for coins. I’m getting my Prince vinyl together to sell to There are other places that also want to buy your unwanted vinyl and memorabilia but I discovered EIL first and for fuck sake I think I’d be here all day trying to decide which one would be best to sell to.

A massive Prince fan I am and anyone who knows me knows this about me already. “So why are you selling your Prince vinyl if you’re such a so-called FAN, Stephen?!!”. Basically, they’re sat inside 2 wooden doors of my dad’s record cabinet, which I’ve yet to shift from my flat (another thing I should have done 20 years ago). I LOVED collecting them at the time, but that was when he was still alive and it was pretty much him that decided on everything about every release. That really can’t be said of any of the picture discs coming out now. I don’t display them, and I’ve never even PLAYED most of them. I just wanted to have them for the collector’s item sake. I guess it’s like those dreadful YouTubers who in order to appear the most geeky feel like they have to have a few of those fucking awful Funko Pop models out on the shelf behind them. The reason I never played most of the 12″ vinyl was not because I was afraid of damaging them, it was because I was just biding my time until I could get hold of the CD version. I’m not displaying them, and nor have I ever. So what really is the point in keeping them now? I have all the CD versions of them now (all of which I am keeping).

This one alone they’re selling for £65. I own it – I bought it at the time of release. Even if they were only paying £40 for it, that, added to all my other Prince picture discs, could hopefully add up to quite a fair bit. They also buy promo displays and posters, of which I do have a few of. Not all of these are ones that I cannot bear to part with. This may just end up off-setting the cost of my Zenfone 9 by a significant amount – providing these people aren’t cunts determined to pay almost nothing and sell on for an 80% profit.

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