It’s a mysterrryyyy

Well it’s time to return to the waiting game, now the dust has settled on the Zenfone 9 launch, and those wonderful “tech journalists” are currently bombarding us with their worthless “reviews” of the Zenfone 9, before the first software/camera update has been released. How they imagine they can ever “review” something that will never represent consumer’s day to day use once it IS released is way beyond my comprehension. Just another reason I rarely ever take them seriously.

But solid details thus far as to when we’re actually going to be able to ORDER this lovely looking phone are non-existent – not least from ASUS themselves. Anything else right now is pure guesswork. What I AM really excited to have discovered is that it IS getting an official UK release!! Since last night the full spiel has gone live on the ASUS UK site.

ASUS truly fucked up with a RAM dump issue in the Zenfone 8, and worse than that, by some accounts attempted to dismiss it. A not really much better option was them offering to take back your phone, erase the memory and replace the motherboard. What the hell were you supposed to do for a phone for all the time that that took???! But as I’ve said before, I find it inconceivable that lighting would strike twice here. Some ASUS products are not worth bothering with. You can say that about any company on the planet. But their phones have brought me nothing but happiness, with their simplicity, ease of use, and suite (if decreasing) of in-house apps and tools, and for a long time of heavy use.

I’m going to everything it takes to somehow cobble the money together for this one!

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