YES but then noooooooo

I was almost about to sign up to the Fan Home Star Wars ships and vehicles collection.

Then I saw a video review of the Imperial Star Destroyer…

I’ve seen the actual ship model of this ship used in the original Star Wars film, and sorry but that is just POOR. They could have done it a number of ways, and the way they have, for this one in particular which is so iconic, is not good. Not good at all.

In addition, you’re paying £17.99 PER MODEL, and you don’t even get a fucking BOX for it. I missed the original run of the resin/plastic many years ago. It was one of the biggest regrets of my life that I didn’t subscribe and collect them all – but it was not my choice – I just wasn’t in any position financially to be able to afford to keep up payments every month for them. That collection was superior. The ships and vehicles looked better, AND you got a display box with them – labelled up and with a background too – much like the American Cars Collection – which I’m happy to say I AM signed up to. But no. No no no no. And paying £1 in addition to that for postage. Those things are going to be a dust magnet unless you are loaded enough to have endless cabinet space – because I’m guessing there are going to be around 100 of them.

SO…’s either keep my eyes out for the next 1:8 scale car, or else, save much more effectively for the Zenfone 9!!

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