Self Terminated (I’ve ‘deactivated’ my Twitter)

Yes I “deactivated” my Twitter. This basically means “okay you don’t get any further access to your Twitter account but WE’RE going to sit and look through it now to make sure you’ve not said anything too mean – oh, and keep all of your photos you posted – cos they’re ours now – well they’re not, but hey, you can’t see that we’ve kept them, so fuck you”.

Yes, fuck YOU, Twitter. The joke is on you anyway because I know EXACTLY what’s going on behind the scenes right now, and that “deactivated” just means “you can’t access it your end, but we’re systematically investigating your account now”. I don’t fucking care, you fucking cretins – knock yourselves out (hopefully literally). You think I just got my first access to the internet here or something?! I’ve been online since you were a spoiled little 8 year old shit. That basically applies to all the snivelling little cunts who run Twitter. They’re so fucking smug they think we don’t already know what they’re up to with that “deactivated” smokescreen/doublespeak.

And yes, this will be cold turkey for me. You don’t know the fun and hysterics I gain from upsetting the little fuckwads on Twitter with their binary thinking. I even got called an American the other week!! It was a good way to get a company to talk to you and resolve issues, in a way that was often way more instant and effective than e-mailing them or even live chat. And I was also enjoying getting heads ups on various 4K releases. I’ll just have to make sure I bookmark some of those small independent 4K review sites now, and admire from afar.

The fact is, as anyone who’s been around the internet for a while can see, Twitter is a sinking ship. Elon Musk wants to pull out of the deal because Twitter refused to even provide him with details of how many fake accounts there are on Twitter. Because they know full well that to do so would mean that everyone would be able to see that Twitter bosses have vastly over valued Twitter, and therefore Twitter stock. This is highly unlikely to be legal. But they know that too.

Every.single.WEEK #JKRowling would trend on a Sunday – sometimes further through the week. Then :







Every…single….WEEK. Like a revolving door of utterly mind-numbing tedium. What VALUE is there in that??! About as much as there genuinely is in Twitter shares, that’s what.

There is no nuanced debate. There is black and white, and binary thinking. Oh and not forgetting all the utter nonsense words invented on Twitter – “cisgender”, “incel”, and of course that silly trans flag was also invented on Twitter (research when it first appeared – trust me that is no coincidence). The assumptions were childish in the extreme – if you say this, you’re a that. If you think that, you’re a this. Most Twitter users on either side could NEVER fathom that you can take one set of values from one side, and some from the other side, and mix them up to make your own way of thinking about the world. Ohhh no no no no nooooo, if you say this, it means you must like this way of thinking, and this way alone. There is no grey area, there is no in between. IT’S FUCKING TODDLER LEVEL THOUGHT PROCESS.

I was sick to fucking death of the same fucking things week in, week out. I get nothing from that. It’s not even about my lack of Followers, or the fact I didn’t make any waves. All of that is meaningless anyway. A person on there with 200,000 Followers can just type “I walked in the street today” and they’ll instantly get 2700 Likes. FOR WHAT????? It’s utterly meaningless.

I’m going cold turkey, and I am going to be putting my time and thought into much more positive, and worthwhile and relevant and happy things. Getting my Ferrari built, making my YouTube videos, trying harder to keep up with my French learning. You know, tangible, positive, healthy things with consequence.

Twitter will die out the same way MySpace did. The sooner the better.

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I'm a gamer. I'm a coaster. I am happy in general. We're all born by chance and we're all gonna die. That makes me no better or worse than you. Get over that fact and we'll probably get along. I comment on the Google news feed a lot. Oh, and I swear quite a lot.

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