Meow, ASUS

The cat is well and truly out of the bag.

But this year’s ‘leak’ actually just proves ASUS have run a really tight ship this year.


….is what all those “leakers” are currently trying to bury. It was part of this article on – and oooh, yeah these are definitely credible because “the artist is based in Taiwan”!! Oooooh. 😂

Totally wrong.

The ONLY thing that ever ‘leaked’ in the end was ASUS’ very own slick promo video they made themselves!! Or to put this another way: nothing whatsoever about the Zenfone 9 leaked at all.

Compare that fact, if you will, against the likes of Samsung, Apple and Sony. And in this day and age of globally instant everything, you will be forced to agree, that’s pretty fucking impressive.

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