Watch “Obi-Wan Kenobi Props, LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacat…” on YouTube

This is a prime example of just how far Star Wars has fallen.

Using the supposedly on-trend buzzword of the hour “queer” (which yes, is still actually an insult and an insult you will see gay people on Twitter disown, and tell you “gay not queer” – but hey shoosh you people you don’t matter these days – YOU’RE ALL QUEER YAAAAAY) on an embedded video on is just cringe worthy.

And then check out the presenter’s……excitement, cleverly disguised, for some reason, as disinterest and boredom, combined with an overbearing sense of “oh, so I say this now….?” As for the props person herself, well fuck me, clearly she thought she was getting a job working on Star TREK, which must explain her utter lack of enthusiasm for her job at Lucasfilm.

I don’t know if next year’s Star Wars Celebration Europe is in London again but if it is, I don’t even feel excited. I just feel hollow and empty. Judging from the bizarre “LGBTQ Star Wars” zones in the last one I looked at, it is questionable whether I would go even if I did have the money.

Is this some “I don’t wanna see QUEERS at my Star Wars event”?! Of course it fucking isn’t. But their whole “we want everyone to feel included – Star Wars is for everyone!” mantra proves just how much their fingers aren’t on the pulse. No one, anywhere, at any point in time, ever, told gay people that they aren’t welcome at Star Wars Celebration. No one gives a fucking shit what colour you are, or what you do in the bedroom – BECAUSE IT’S JUST STAR WARS, you fucking muppets. So why, then, do you want to shove it people’s FACES what you do in the bedroom, with specific signage?

You know what made Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 so fucking great…?? It was because no one needed to me made aware you’re a bloke who liked other blokes. No one cared if you were black, or used to be a bloke and were now a woman. No one fucking cared because ALL anyone there cared about was being there “cos STAR WARS”. Therefore by that very definition, it should already be FAIRLY FUCKING OBVIOUS that it was inclusive. Sorry but I didn’t see any “NO FAGGOTS” signs up (I put that up to impact any American readers. In the UK a faggot is well known to be a branded type of onion and mutton meatball in gravy, or else a bundle of twigs (Medieval term) – so it doesn’t really have much use here outside of those). No one who goes to a fucking Star Wars convention goes because it is inclusive or exclusive. They go BECAUSE THEY WANT TO SEE STAR WARS STUFF. Precisely how fucking difficult is this to comprehend???

I honestly think Star Wars Celebration 2016 that I went to and loved so much (back in the days when they hired presenters for The Star Wars Show that seemed to actually be INTO Star Wars) was the final decent Star Wars Celebration. Which is really tragic.

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