The Glory Of Upsetting The Alphabet Mafia via catching them with their own foot shooting

I can’t actually link you because to copy and paste the link to the Tweets about it causes an “Out of memory” error. Probably another conspiracy to stop me telling the truth on my own site. But still. Basically posho chain smoker Laurence Fox put this up:

His account was actually locked for that. Well, I mean how could it not be – DON’T YOU DARE POKE FUN AT THE LGBTQRSUVWXYZ+ COMMUNITY, YOU FASCIST BIGOT!!!!

Out came the usual “my grandad died in concentration camps run by those nazis” etc etc. And should an actual gay person find this creation amusing, such as Darren Grimes (openly gay) did, ohhhh the Alphabet Mafia is coming for you TOO, Darren:

Yeah let’s run that little notion through our minds again shall we: the “queer community” attacking a gay man. Welcome to 2022. I’ve seen plenty of gay people on Twitter TELL people “gay not queer”. Of course the 20 year olds thinking they’re ‘taking back ownership’ want those people to shut up. I’ve also had a reply from a lesbian who told me she and her friends are sick and tired of Pride Month. An equal smattering are not remotely interested in a stupid fucking flag which gets colours added to it almost as often as new letters of the alphabet after LGB.

You’re left wondering just who exactly these people are actually representing, other than themselves, their Likes harvesting and probably their own self-loathing. NO ONE FUCKING CARES if you’re gay. And the fact these people are so desperate to jump up and down and shriek about it all day every day suggests that they’re REALLY struggling to come to terms with it themselves. “Oh!! Oh! But I’m a part of the QUEER community!! Are you an ally, or are you one of those BIGOTS?! Here’s my flag emojis and here’s me with my rainbow flag bag which I carry everywhere!!!”. Again, nobody gives a flying fuck what your sexual preference is. Go and sit down in a dark room with a counsellor, and have a little inner self grapple there.

Maybe after a few sessions you’ll realise how ever so slightly counterproductive attacking other gay people is.

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