Ugh, in amongst the goodness of work came a bit of a kick in the teeth yesterday. I was pushing one of the yorks outside and Dave suddenly said “ah well done”. I was a bit puzzled as to why – and he said it sort of at me, not to me. Then I looked back, and clearly so enraptured by his own ‘comedic genius’ was he that he hadn’t even noticed I was still stood there. He was grinning inanely at our Italian colleague – who clearly wasn’t paying him much attention as he had to stand there grinning in that horrible “eh?!! eh?!!” kind of a way.

I don’t know what the fuck that was all about. But I know I’ve done absolutely nothing to that prick. I’ve not talked about a single person there behind their back – other than to say how nice I think they are.

This is really disappointing. I thought I had everyone (except Jasmine) worked out there. Evidently I do not. I don’t think I’m going to even bother saying hello to him unless he says hello to me first. I don’t know what I’m even supposed to have done to get such mean spirited jokes made about me. Keith made one about me earlier, and Jasmine was there with a small smile waiting to see my reaction – but that was to me, in front of my face. Not feigning niceness then grinning about it to someone when they thought I wasn’t there anymore. There is a huge difference in how that makes me feel.

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