This post is mostly about salmo salar.

That really wasn’t the best start to my week on Monday!!

First was breakfast, where I wanted to use up the rest of my smoked salmon, so set everything up to have that with poached eggs. As I was getting the cling film off the pack it suddenly slipped out of my fingers. No I did NOT want that salmon to end up on my dusty kitchen floor! The instinctive limb that kicked in to stop it falling the rest of the way was my knee. Right.against.the.fucking.SALMON. Luckily there was not a speck of trouser fluff on the salmon (you know it had to end up fish to knee side) so I did use it. Then leant down to smell my knee. EEeeuuugghhh…….yes, you guessed it.

I was NOT going to work smelling of fish!!!!

I stuck my trousers, yes just them, on their own, in the wash – just a mini load one of course.

Get to work, minus fish smell. Went to the van with my PDA, and went to scan my route. “This device is offline, would you like to try logging in offline?”. Ooookay PDA’s often throw up stupid shit like that. But this time it just kept me on an endless loop. It then refused to download the manifest. Without this, it won’t show the collection points. And if you don’t have those, you can’t scan those. And if you can’t scan those, you are wasting your time because so far as Royal Mail are concerned you haven’t even been there to collect the post. I got out my van to take it to the office to ask for help with it when suddenly it appeared to do its usual thing and gave indication that it was connecting and downloading. So I turned around and got back in my van and set off.

But all the way to my first stop – back to the endless fucking looping. I called back to base, and they said to stay put and they’ll send someone out. Ray showed up and handed me another PDA. Thank FUCK. But by now I was already half an hour behind where I needed to be. In the end I had to make do with about 10 minutes break between route 1 and route 2 instead of my usual at least half an hour break. Buuuut in the end that little fucking annoyance didn’t affect my timing on route 2 at all.

The next day……I was ‘advised’ to check my PDA right after he’d handed it to me!!

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