I watched a 4K Blu-ray for the first time in years – and was left disappointed | What Hi-Fi?


Yet again, even in an article this long, you’ve missed the entire fucking point.

You will never own a single fucking thing if you just stream everything you ever want to watch.

Your film will be edited at will, following whatever Twitter mob whines about being wrong with said film “seen through new eyes”. And there is nothing you can do to stop this.

That film you “really want to see”? Oops – it’s gone, until the next time Netflix etc decide you will watch it again.

That obscure, or even not particularly obscure film, such as the fucking great “Wishmaster”..? Nowhere. Nada. That film your friend told you about from the 90’s that is really great and you’d love it cos you’re into that exact type of genre..? Not gonna happen.

And PLEASE, “ooohhh the blu-ray player is so LOUD!!”. What fuck have you done to it? Tried to make toast in your 2009 blu-ray monster player the size of a table? Unless you have some weird ultra sensitive aural condition, you are talking out of your fucking arse man. And I also dread to think what happens when your arse does explode. You probably think a bomb’s gone off somewhere every time you have a poo.

Disappointing nose dive in this once authoritative source.

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2 thoughts on “I watched a 4K Blu-ray for the first time in years – and was left disappointed | What Hi-Fi?

    1. Bloke is a fucking jellyfish. Imagine thinking a blu-ray player is too loud. Not to mention the main aspect he didn’t even think to mention – and which has already happened. But nooooo, “CONVENIENCE!!!”. Dickhead.


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