Adventure continues….

No there’s not supposed to be a “The” at the start of that. Both make absolute sense, thanks.

I’m about to set off for my first parcel delivery shift in 2 weeks, and it feels like much longer. I’m even a little bit nervous. Of course once I’m there and started up I’ll be fine. For the first few weeks I was so lost and confused as to when I was actually supposed to go through to the main sorting section and where I was supposed to go. Now I realise that there is no when – you just wander on through and make it up as you go along. You head to the parcels section and start sorting those, and then wait around and you’re usually allocated an area to deliver to.

The past couple of shifts there have been way more impressive in that they’ve finally got some structure to them! Mike the manager calls us Royal Mail employees over and gives us our reminders and a little pep talk. And Mike, with his permanently cocked eyebrows, is actually not so bad after all. I’ve definitely changed my mind about him.

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