Google Messages and Phone apps could be sending personal data to Google without user consent – PhoneArena

“You may want to stop using Google apps because Google knows who you are and collects information about your messages and phone calls”….

Well fuck me – what a revelation!! And as per usual the comments section is flooded with those pious pricks calling everyone who realises this is basically to make sure services function properly and monitor how popular an app is “sheep”.

Grow the fuck up.

Then there’s those who are all “your personal data could get into the bad people’s hands”. Ohhh give me strength.

Your account/information/data usually gets into “the bad people’s hands” when you have a shit password. This has been happening since the internet was invented, regardless of Google’s existence. This is why Google and others constantly remind you about making half decent passwords and using 2 or 3 step authentication.

I bet these know-it-all pompous pricks shop with gay abandon at supermarkets totally oblivious to the fact that everything they buy is monitored and used to try and sell them stuff.

If you let yourself get bogged down with innocuous shit like this you’re going to end up with some serious anxiety about absolutely nothing, whilst shouting to the rest of us with a sense of perspective that it’s some massive global conspiracy. Clean up your minds from clutter like this – you are seriously fucking irritating people.

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