“This film is a TOTAL FAILURE making a couple of billion. Because we hate it. But THIS film is a MASSIVE SUCCESS at $200 million – because we like it.”

The 2 billion, of course, refers to The Rise of Skywalker – a film this channel routinely referred to as “a failure”. Look at their thumbnail for Uncharted – inferring total success, because of course it does – because it has Tom Holland in, who was one of the worst choices in my opinion for playing the far beefier Nathan Drake. Even someone like Jeremy Renner would have been a totally fitting choice. But not someone who looks like a fucking 22 year old college nerd when Nathan Drake is a character in his 30’s.

Of course, Mr Holland can’t go wrong in their eyes, can he – because he’s Spider-Man. So any lack of suitability for the role of such an iconic character is CANCELLED!!

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