I’ve subscribed to this!!

I’ve just logged in and seen that my first pack has been posted. 90 American cars!!! Doubtless I’m not even going to recognise half of them – and that is fine by me, because there’s been many a time I’ve seen American cars on TV etc from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and thought “oh!! Never seen that one before!”.

I hope I get a big poster of the cars. I will at least definitely be getting some magazines to look at. And I like looking at shiny cars.

First question from mum will be: “Where are you going to put those?” 🙄 I always tend to think of that stuff as an afterthought. Where’s the fun otherwise?

I was subscribed to the Panini Supercars collection. But I cancelled – because the quality was not there. The car that broke it was this one with 4 rear lights – and each light was pointing in a different direction. NO!!! I won’t hesitate to cancel if these cars disappoint, but I hope that they won’t. They’re fucking expensive at over £50 per month. But that’s for 4 cars per month. £12.99 per car is not actually that outrageous for collectibles of this scale, and especially if they’re of the quality promised.

Let’s watch a little video all about it, shall we!

Heterosexual guitars….

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