Five X Factor stars launch legal action against Simon Cowell over alleged treatment

Funny how no one from One Direction is complaining, isn’t it. It’s almost as if only the ‘stars’ who’s careers are fucked are whining.

“We weren’t paid whilst Simon made millions”. Yeah I think you’ll find that’s basically the entire outlier of the show, deary. Simon set the whole thing up, he’s essentially the boss so he’s going to make the most. Subsequent to you choosing to participate, you either will also go on to make millions by working your over-excited “this is all I’ve ever wanted to do” young arse off, or you have to earn some shekels doing daytime TV slots. Either way no one forced you at gunpoint to fill in that application form.

Music is a fickle business. If you really were deluded enough to think there was a quick way to fame and fortune, that’s ALL on you. Stop fucking whining years after the event. Because you’re only embarrassing yourself.

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