The Ball Is Rolling..

I’ve just been to talk to Royal Mail about more hours. I was careful to explain that this won’t be for 3 to 4 weeks yet whilst I give my notice in for the care home job. I’m going to talk to my dear manager tomorrow – whether that’s in person or over the phone.

I’m not even sad about leaving. I’ll miss three of the residents. But sorry, when one of them has a constant, never ending potential to go off on one, against you, against himself, against other residents, and against anything not nailed down, and sometimes a combination of all 3, that’s too fucking much at my age to have to put up with. You can’t with any honesty say you’ll miss that.

I really feel like the sun will come out in my life when I finally manage to drop the care home job. No more danger, no more HELL of having to fight my own body clock twice per fucking week. Just stable days, and the feeling of having done a proper day’s work for decent pay – looked after by what is seeming more and more like a great company to work for. I found yet another letter from them yesterday – asking me to fill in a survey after just 4 weeks of working for them. 4 weeks in!! The care home company barely give a shit how you’re feeling over 15 years. Oh sure they had a couple of these big long-winded things we had to fill in. Their response to all those amounted to “Oh.”

On another staff survey, their response to more or less EVERYONE, when asked “what can we do better for you” answering “Could we have more money” was “…….is there anything else we could do for you?”. Things are never going to fucking change with the care sector. Have all the celebrities give their platitudes, have all the Government “thanks”, none of that shit is paying us extra money per hour. So shove it all up your fucking vacuous arses.

I remain proud of me (as do my colleagues at the care home). I’ve got my shit together to finally make an up to date CV. I got my shit together with that and got myself a job with Royal Mail. Now I have to make sure these people get back to me with details of the extra hours. I can’t fuck this up now.

2022 could be a new lease of life for me.

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