Prince Estate Formally Split Into Two Camps in New Court Ruling – Variety

A very interesting article. I hope every sibling gets their fair share and feels that they have.

His sister Sharon spends most of her days tweeting Bible verses and only occasionally even mentions her brother. That is not a form of criticism – it just shows she isn’t that interested in constantly trying to ride his coat tails. She does do some podcast about him now and then but I highly suspect she’s been asked to do that, rather than instigated it for a cash grab.

I’m not entirely sure what Variety is on about suggesting the pace of posthumous releases has been “slow”. What the fuck – there has so far been one a year – and that’s not counting the re-issues.

One thing I hope any of these fucking morons still shrieking “Prince was murdered!!!” will realise is how stupid they look right now, with just how long and complicated this legal process is. Surely if you were going to murder someone you’d at least have some faked Will in place. You certainly wouldn’t bump someone off to be sat around 6 years later still waiting for the process to be settled.

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