Tesco confirms it’s ‘phasing out’ CDs and DVDs – Retail Gazette


The world gets less worth living in by the week.

The best part about Sainsbury’s stopping selling CD’s blu-rays and DVD’s is that they suddenly started stocking VINYL. This is less about giving customers what they want than it is about stocking any old random shit if there’s a quick, short term profit in it for them.

One day this is all going to come and bite idiots on the arse when they press their remote control buttons to find that film they really, REALLY wanted to watch just isn’t on their streaming service. The catalogue of films on Netflix is fucking pathetic.

Increasingly too, film companies are securing rights to films that will only be available on their particular streaming service. Disney is definitely one of the first. I suspect that Amazon will be next – blocking access to all MGM IP. That hardly makes it look like a free market for consumers, does it. And yes, there will always be those with enough money to waste per month to sign up to all of them. But I’m not signing up to ANY of them.

I only have Netflix because someone gave me their Netflix account.

Nothing beats owning your films. NOTHING.

I just don’t want to live in a world where we’re all just forced to pay to see films – half of which aren’t even on the streaming platform anyway. Because the new ones being made by the likes of Netflix are 90% safe, tedious, mediocre, forgettable woke crap. Is that the streaming future you’re proud of funding….?

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