STAR WARS’ Special Editions Cemented the Saga’s Timelessness – Nerdist

Oh dear. Eric here really isn’t getting it about the CGI ruination of the original trilogy. You can tell he doesn’t get it because all he mentions is the Greedo shooting first, then quickly tries to move on, insisting “no, all that’s been debated already now and is over and done”.

Sorry Eric, oh skimmer of actual facts, in spite of your fervent Google session afterwards where you looked up all the merchandising aspects in order to try and distract from you swiftly moving on from the much bigger issue, that was a feeble distraction technique.

I’m not even going to mention the Han/Greedo issue. Let’s talk about the needless Jabba scene shall we – a totally unnecessary scene that precisely no Star Wars fan was crying out for, which then ruins the big reveal for the Millennium Falcon a little later – whereupon Luke walking into the docking bay was the first time we saw it in all its glory. The scene added absolutely nothing to the film. Even George himself essentially said he only added it because he could. And the original CGI Jabba was just embarrassing.

Let’s talk about the irritating little flying droids in the Mos Eisley scenes, which was clearly just some bizarre pissing contest of “how many CGI overlay effects can we possibly fit into each frame?”.

Let’s talk about the rocks put in front of R2D2 after Luke gets knocked out that weren’t there before – also, clearly, ‘just cos’ (always the best form of reasoning for CGI, I think we can all agree).

Let’s talk about the Mos Eisley scene where Luke and Ben pull up in the land speeder to the stormtrooper checkpoint – one of the most iconic scenes of the first film – only to be COMPLETELY fucking obscured by a fucking stupid brontosaurus.

And that’s before we’ve even mentioned The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

So sorry, Eric, I know you lack a depth of knowledge about why most Star Wars fans can’t stand the Special Edition versions, but don’t try and skip past it just because you don’t have much knowledge of what you’re writing about.

What we ALL want are the original theatrical versions. And no amount of “oh but let’s focus on this aspect instead” is going to alter that fact.

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