21 energy suppliers ranked for customer service – see where yours is on the list – Daily Record


Who cares? What is even the point in lists like this? What are you supposed to do if your energy supplier is down the bottom? More often than not you won’t even get a choice – a couple of suppliers will be around your area, so it’s either choose one of them or buy a fucking generator.

Equally, customer service is a total irrelevance if you’re paying over the odds. Liverpool Victoria insurance always state in their car insurance ads how great their customer service is. I checked their car insurance price when I was shopping around for renewal 2 years ago – it was at least £200 more than what I’m currently paying – for the same amount of cover. Sorry but I don’t give a fuck how good your customer service is. Am I paying you to be all nice to me over the phone??

Here’s how car insurance works – here’s how ANY insurance, or indeed utility service works: take my money, give me the product, and fuck off!!

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