Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion

The fact that Yahoo News, and Techcrunch, among others, are fixated on the sexual harassment claims, only demonstrates how little “tech journalists” know about the subject they’re writing about.

On Microsoft’s list of priorities when deciding factors of acquiring Activision, here’s what number sexual harassment claims came in at on the list :

See no number? Congratulations – you’re already more knowledgeable than a tech journalist.

On the other hand this news depresses me. Activision through the 90’s were responsible for releasing a mind blowing amount of different genres of games. Yes all they’re cited as now is “Call of Duty publishers Activision”, but that’s just 28 year old “tech journalists”. I know them for all manner of games from Spycraft: The Great Game to the incredibly relaxing Shanghai: Great Moments. Can you honestly imagine Microsoft ever bothering to put out a game like Spycraft?

Microsoft is also getting a track record for closing down excellent studios that it buys (originally, of course, in an almighty fanfare). I’m thinking of Lionhead, of course.

Whilst Activision themselves have of course made mistakes in more recent times, their legacy is immense and impressive. They really did seem a lot more interested in just releasing tonnes of games as opposed to “but how much money can we squeeze out of this one?”.

Now….matters are worse.

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