Adventure Time

Caught Raiders of the Lost Ark on telly – yay! Was there anyone more handsome than 1980’s Harrison Ford?

And you know what – seeing this and thinking about the fun but ultimately lacklustre 4th entry, and the CGI-fest that is the 5th entry – where most of the time what you’ll be watching won’t even be Harrison Ford, it’s just made me want to get the first 2 on 4K, and forget all about a box set.

*edit* Mehh. Whilst I do want the first 2 on 4K, as they have been remastered for that format, they’re coming up at £29.99 EACH. I am not paying 30 quid for a near 40 year old single film. And since the box set of 4 comes up for around £50 right now, I might as well go for that. And jettison the 4th to a charity shop. Or Ebay. But I’d probably loose half my fucking profits thanks to their ‘fees’. Cex wouldn’t take it as they’d want the whole box set or nothing.

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