Gallery aims to reclaim narrative with its racist ‘casta’ paintings | Race | The Guardian

They were planning on destroying works of art??!!?!!

Stop being stupid cunts!!! These are WORKS OF ART. No one is asking you to look at a work of art and go “well, slavery was okay then!”. For fuck sake will you fucking GROW THE FUCK UP.

I don’t know much about art but I do know it’s about the technique, the use of light, all that stuff. These are not “racist paintings”, you fucking childish prick – they’re merely recordings of what was actually happening.

It is often bandied around that “they’re trying to erase history” and that outcry is often dismissed as mere nonsense from another Conservative nutjob intent on living in the past.

It is clearly literally fucking happening. And it is erasing some beautiful artwork that we can never replace – all due to historical events which can’t be altered in any way.

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