Hello. It is the year 2021, and JD Williams, or moreover, Hermes the Great have so far taken 10 FUCKING DAYS to deliver a duvet to me.

It is freezing fucking cold now – I fucking need it!!

You know I could actually perhaps understand if I had ordered it this week. I could maybe get it if it was some bespoke thing that had to be made, like a sofa or something. Or maybe something hard to transport like a bed, or a fine cabinet.

IT’S A FUCKING DUVET. It comes tightly wrapped, and can be chucked around any how you like without it getting damaged. I’ve sent JD Williams an e-mail about it just now – politely, of course, as this is more than likely down to Hermes, not them.

This is fucking pathetic. It’s the longest anything has taken to reach me other than something I had ordered from JAPAN. Come the fuck on, just how big is the UK, really…? And now I suppose Hermes are going to whine to JD Williams “oh but it’s Christmaaaas, we’re so busyyyy”. Fuck you, you useless shits – you weren’t in the thick of it last week!!

I won’t be ordering from JD Williams again. Not because I have anything against JD Williams, but due to the fact they use Hermes – who appear to be an utterly useless shit of a delivery company.

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