How could I forget to write this??!!?!!


I start on the 9th of January – a Sunday. 2 days before that I’m supposed to do an online induction training thing at home – the “Welcome to Royal Mail Induction programme”, no less. They actually go out of their way to recommend you do that on a PC or laptop and not your phone – mainly because too many people think you can sufficiently do everything on a fucking phone these days.

On day one I need to summon up the courage to ask after more hours, so I can then drop my Nights. If I can’t summon the courage up and the first 10 hours with Royal Mail goes whizzing by in a blur of newness and nerves, then I’ll save it for the week after and I won’t punish myself.

Sat and had ‘the talk’ on Monday with my dear manager at my current job. I joked that I’d at least made it 50% less of a headache for her by keeping 2 Nights a week for the time being.

Combined with my 10 hours at Royal Mail this will be 30 hours a week. I’m currently working 40. This will mean a glorious extra day of freedom for me but also of course a drop in pay. But then again, my Royal Mail job pays at least £1 more per hour than my current job. So it will balance out a bit. Maybe not as much as I would like, but it will bolster it past if I was to just drop my hours at my current job down to 30.

Turned out that Royal Mail do what a lot of companies do – a phone interview without actually telling you it’s a phone interview. I know this because their follow up e-mails to me said stuff about being “delighted to confirm that you have been successful at interview”……hmmmmm!! Sneaky. But I don’t mind. I would probably have made a right hatchet job of an interview had I known it was an interview.

So this is it!! New year, new job, new life… Stephen….? Same Stephen, just a little tiny bit richer, and with much more exercise, I hope! Daytime working beckons….and I love the thought of that.

Upwards and onwards. I am excited.

And I also have A/L next Tuesday night and next Friday night!! So I legitimately only work 2 nights next week yet will still get paid for 4. It must be Christmas.

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