Manufactured in UK

How could I not post this:


This was actually on Monday night. I had 4 left, so one for getting back home at the end of every shift this week. They need perfecting, but this is the first time I’ve made biscuits since I was little.

I even bought some old stylee scales especially. These remind me of the sweet shops and the small independent grocery shops (the only time I’d use that dreaded g-word). I think this little shop in the village I grew up in measured my rabbit food out in one like this when I was little, too. I love that you can still buy them new. Not quite as old school as the double barreled ones where they had to balance it out with the little weights on the other side but still very cool.

To have a tea and my very own biscuit after my night shift as I wind down for bed is a really nice thing to do.

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