Some done some to come

Well, guess what. I really pulled my finger out over the weekend and I FINALLY got my CV done with the help of Totally fucking excellent site that builds your CV, but just as equally lets you edit it to be pinpoint accurate.

When it came to the worker pre-written suggestions for what your tasks were, they did have it a little bit out calling service users “patients”. But other than that it was excellent.

Did my CV, uploaded it to my Royal Mail jobs site profile, applied for a job on Sunday night, and boom – come Monday evening when I woke up I found an email from Royal Mail asking me to forward them several documents that serve as proof of entitlement to work in the UK.

I submitted those yesterday before I went to bed – it being well within the 24 hours the site states that you need to reply to any of their emails by.

I really hope that I hear back from them – when was the last time you saw an unhappy postman?

All of that plus chilling did run me out of time to do my PC Builder review but I’ve taken some screenshots before bed today for that and I will post this very soon!

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