“Despite being against cancel culture: this film must be cancelled cos I don’t like it!!!! And if you disagree with me it’s only because YOU’RE thinking wrong-think!!!”

My respect is teetering for Jezza.

He can’t stop shrieking about “Cuties”. And look at the group-think in the comments on this video. It is painful. Oh but wait, NOW group-think and an echo chamber is okay, because they’ve already decided you’re a raging paedophile child-rapist if you even DARE suggest that to them that if they saw it they’d realise it’s actually pretty dull and boring and nothing of note actually happens. “WHAT???!!!! But Stephen, some girl of about 11 takes a photo of her cunt whilst on the toilet!!!” Umm….yeah. What, do you think you see a photo of some 11 year old’s cunt in the film…? I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark here and think that’s exactly what you think, you dense twot (I was going to say “cunt” again but hey – bit much of a theme that needed to be broken up there).

Jeremy is forever berating SJW’s for being ill-informed, making judgements without actually knowing the facts, being in an echo chamber, shouting you down and thinking that’s how to win an argument. Oh and yes, group-think. All of this is being enacted in the comments section.

Then there’s his often wheeled out trope that “none of this is a problem to anyone because they’ve never heard about it until you drew attention to it”. Well guess what, NONE of the people I know who have Netflix have ever even heard of “Cuties”. So hmmm, there you are, drawing attention to this ‘terrible thing’, that without being on your platform would have probably been completely ignored anyway. But no, no, we must show what fine upstanding American citizens we are by highlighting this “disgusting” film, and gather round and pat ourselves collectively on the back at our morality.

I bet you about half the people in the comments proclaiming they “cancelled their Netflix account” in the comments section can be found later on commenting on how great they think Dave Chappelle’s show is……which um……they’ve just been mysteriously able to watch after cancelling their Netflix subscription.

Saying “wake the FUCK UP and stop pretending that young girls of around 9 onwards don’t often act like those depicted in the film these days” is not the same as saying “I think child abuse is okay!!” Stop being a fucking moron and thinking it’s still the 1940’s and all little girls are interested in is playing dolls until the age of 15. Because that makes you one ignorant shit of a parent.

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