Have a look at this!!

I’ve been pondering for the past few months “just where can Philips go with their shavers next?!” Well, here’s the answer! I’m not entirely convinced there’s any genuine purpose to reshaping the shaver head surrounds, but fuck me it does look like something from the future if you watch the shiny promo video!!

I love the display on the front, and I ALSO LOVE that Philips have thankfully seen sense and NOT brought the ‘wireless’ (a.k.a. “not wireless”) charging back again. That was fucking STUPID on the previous shaver. Imagine a marketing department that about the previous shaver they could say “1 hour charging time!”, then the one after that they couldn’t!! Yeah, genius move, Philips!! This one now has a very cool charger that charges it upright! Although I really hope they’ve made doubly sure the water isolation is tighter than ever – because it runs out of the shaver right next to the charger when you hold it upright – so that’s then going to be running out for even longer, every last drop passing out whilst it’s charging. So you really don’t want to fuck that one up.

It also comes with the smallest, neatest looking shaver cleaner they’ve ever made!

They’ve even incorporated a sideburn shaver in the main shaver!! I did see a few people complain that this was missing from the Series 9000 last time round.

The most fuss in the ad and in the description on their site is being made of the pretty light – and that it ‘detects’ whether you’re pressing too hard or too lightly. Honestly – this feature is next to useless and/or pointless. Knowing whether you’re pressing too hard or not hard enough comes with simply using the shaver for the first few goes. If it’s too hard you’re not going to get hairs off properly anyway – these shavers are designed to be used lightly. Same goes for not pressing hard enough – the hair will just still be sat there. This feature is actually superfluous.

Now…I did only recently buy a Series 9000 Star Wars Special Edition….and it cost me about £400. And I swore I was going to be perfectly happy with that for years to come.

Then I see THIS!!!! Ohhhhh……damn you Philips…..I think you’ve just cracked me…

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