Cos Sony

Just opened my Sony Xperia 1 III. Or maybe they should call it a I3 – sounds like a kickarse supercar!

Anyway, I think this will be WAY easier to handle day to say than my bulky Zenfone 7 Pro. I am not dissing ASUS for a second – they’re great at what they do. But there’s something still so sexy and smooth about Sony. Well, there is when they don’t make hideous blunders like THIS..

And genuine front facing speakers are what it’s all about. And to my sheer delight, I’ve discovered Sony have still included a notification LED!! So hopefully purple, blue, green, red, yellow and even white will all still be available to me. I’ve just ordered a gel case/screen protector combo off Ebay for £3.95. I don’t really want to use it until then. Not when this thing cost me £1200. 😵

Another thing that Sony have retained is the UNBEATEN method of opening the SIM/SD card tray…..with just your fucking fingers. Yes!!!! Imagine that as a concept!! And fucking envy me. I don’t know when every other phone manufacturer forgot about this thing known as “ease of use”. But trust me it never goes out of style. ASUS only killed it off with the Zenfone 6, so credit to them also. But Sony STILL have it on their 2021 phone. And although they made that HUGE mistake of announcing it in April, then suffering setbacks (including swapping the front camera sensor from a Samsung (WHAT THE FUCK, SONY) back to a Sony one) I do have this feeling they might have finally nailed it again with this one. Oh and you get a charger in the box. Imagine that, Samsung mugs!!

What the fuck is the point in not including a charger?? “Oh, well, most people have a charger already, Stephen”. Yes, I don’t know if you’ve ever actually sold on or given away your old phone…? People tend to expect to be given or sold a phone with the charger, you fucking dolt.

Anyway I’m really happy with what I see so far, but I have to now wait impatiently to set it up, because I am NOT taking this into work without the case. Not when it cost me that much.


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