Morrisons announces packaging ban on its second most sold item – Cambridgeshire Live

Right now you can go into Morrison’s and see bunches of bananas in plastic bags, right next to bunches of bananas without ANY packaging on them at all.

And ALL of this excessive packaging was brought about by the 90’s paranoia around bacteria, which among other things saw the utterly needless introduction of antibacterial hand-wash (for those too dim to be aware, the “antibacterial” action comes from washing your hands properly in warm water with normal hand-wash – you do not need skin-scraping antibacterial hand-wash to achieve this – check the science to see what a sucker you’ve been).

Now in the light of all this “plastic!! Get rid!!”, all those people who demanded supermarkets wrap all their fruit and vegetables up seem to have scurried away somewhere. I wonder how clever they’re feeling these days…..

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