My daughter, 10, is a size 22 and I feel like a failure that I can’t find school uniform to fit her 12st frame

Aaw don’t feel ashamed you can’t find her a uniform, love.

Feel ashamed you let your 10 year old become a fat fuck.

Come on, there are only 2 people responsible for overweight 10 year olds: 1 is the dad and the other is the mum. And don’t give me all this “oh but she could have been binge eating chocolate in secret”.

HOW?!! She’s fucking 10. She doesn’t have a job to secretly spend a load of money on sweets and burgers. She doesn’t drive to go off to the local McDonald’s. And hiding a ton of sweet wrappers from 2 parents when you’re all in the house for most of the time is a little bit of a stretch.

Equally you’re in a pandemic, you’re in a position to tell her NOT to just sit around so much. No 10 year old without a rare medical condition gets fat through anything other than neglect.

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