Nearly a third of waking hours spent on TV and streaming, Ofcom says – BBC News

Laughably in this report on TV an ‘expert’ said how “they can watch exactly what they want to watch” – referring to Netflix. What a total falsehood. You will watch what Netflix want you to watch. And you will have endless trash streamed at you to disguise the lack of film choice.

Physical media not mentioned at all. Let me assure you that without Netflix, I watch exactly what I want to watch – since all my films are stored safely on my shelves for me to pull out and stick in my 4K player whenever I wish. I do believe as Netflix’ core audience matures, they’re finally going to see through the illusion they’ve been mis-sold. Let’s hope by then, when they’re trying to get hold of a film that doesn’t even exist on Netflix, that it’s not too late…..

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