Woooo I love surprises!!

Not a link or a rant this one – but a nice surprise for me. Just turned up to work to find Thabani asking me “what you doing here?”. Turned out this is the first week my manager temporarily shunted my shifts from Wednesday to Saturday!! Now that does of course mean I have to work Saturday when I could be at home chilling but it also means that, groggy as I am right now, I am now properly set up for a night shift. Should be stronger than ever for tomorrow night. Just need to NOT doze off at all tonight at home.

I think I’m going to play more Painkiller. I was disloyal to my CD-ROMS – all of which I still have – and just bought the Black Edition on Steam – well fuck it at £1.79 of course I was going to. I never completed Painkiller, and it still looks great today. Floor textures are a little ropey but EVERYTHING else still looks smooth and kickarse. The screen resolutions even go to 2560×1440 now! Although I suspect that has more to do with ratio as opposed to any extra details. And of course, this game now runs smoother than a hacksaw through melted butter. I forgot how hardcore it was even on “normal” difficulty! Also never forget – those skilled Poles at People Can Fly bought us the first game to use Havok. I suggest you look at almost every single other shooter splash screen or PS4 case since 2004 – including GTA V. You can thank them later.

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