Prince: Welcome 2 America – A one-star rating for an album that should have stayed locked away

Irish Times believed Sinéad O’Connor’s invented bullshit about Prince beating her up – so they’re evidently hell-bent on trashing anything he released subsequent to her fictitious account surfacing.

They mention just 2 of the albums released so far – entirely omitting any mention of the Purple Rain and Sign O’ The Times releases – both remastered, and both containing clearly very finished vault tracks, and not demos.

It’s an amusing review. But it’s only been rated so badly because The Irish Times swallowed Sinéad’s fiction hook, line and sinker. All Irish have to stick together, eh, Eamypoos?

Got a bit of advice for ya, Eamon darling – try this thing called “research” before writing your next article. Mmmkay….?

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