I’m going to do something I’ve never done before, and wouldn’t normally, but hey this is my site so deal with it. I’m going to post a screenshot of the e-mail I received today, and then break it down for you. I’m posting it as a screenshot because if I just copied and pasted it you could easily accuse me of just making this up.

I really hope this can be read. But I’m going to break it down for you, dear reader, all the same.

I’m apparently “coming across as someone who has contempt and dislike for America and the American people”……this she says after just 1 single e-mail focused almost entirely on gun control. This tends to be a global issue, when making comparisons, so already: stop feeling like quite the special snowflake, deary.

“George Washington was not a cowboy”…well no fucking shit, Detective – I actually never said he was – I merely made a joke about how precious little history there is in America – only a fucking moron would try to deny this.

Oh and nice way to totally avoid addressing the comparison I fucking made, whereby I pointed out the oft wheeled out argument that the reason there are so many gun related deaths in America is because there’s a “mental health crisis”. As I never tire of pointing out, there is also said to be a “mental health crisis” in the UK. But oh, looky here, we don’t have mass shootings every single fucking month. HMMMMM, so then how come WE don’t have mass shootings….can anybody join the fucking dots out there……

She didn’t even mention this comparison, yet still went on to tell me it’s not quite as simple as just having more gun control.

Then she comes to infer that the more guns there are, the safer the country will be…….

Jesus christ I cannot even put it into sufficient words just how fucking stupid that view is.

Best of all she tells me that we don’t have guns we have “suicide bombings, beheadings, mass stabbings and acid burns”. Right….which when you combine ALL FOUR OF THOSE IN ONE YEAR WOULD STILL BE EXCEEDED BY YOUR SHOOTINGS IN ONE MONTH . So suck on that. Oh wait you’re probably blocking your ears right now going “laalalalalalaaa”…..

I’m a bit gutted cos she was attractive to look at but jesus, if you’re so fucking prissy and hyper-sensitive and can’t even fucking discuss issues like that: no loss.

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