You know how much I HATE being proven right, buuuut…

I’ve just tried out Chase Turbo – seeing as it’s currently free on the Epic Bloatware Client.

Oh and what a massive fucking shock I had. It is exactly what I expected – gameplay that is too fast (no, not as in “a sense of speed”, as in too fast to be any fun), crap graphics, crap physics, crap sound effects, hideous scenery, and okayish, but unoriginal music.

Of course, we’re all supposed to think (as quite a lot of 20 year old gamers who came at me in comments sections clearly do) this is “oooh all retro!!!!”. The problem, I suppose, is that when you’ve already played the games that this “oooh RETRO!” game is trying so fucking hard to be, it just looks like a bunch of idiots that basically thought “okay, look, I know we’ve missed out on making one that looked all clunky back in the day………but let’s make one now!!!!“. It’s not really much fun when you’ve already seen the whole evolution in racing games. And if you haven’t – why not just buy one of the originals on

Christ. It’s as shit an idea as it sounds.

Note they didn’t screenshot the smoke effects – they make it look even more dire

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