How Microsoft Is Ditching the Video Game Console Wars – The New York Times

Microsoft sees a future where gamers want software and services rather than spend hundreds on a console. Yes. This is why Sony are absolutely fucking hammering you in console sales – because you’re essentially saying “we surrender!” before the war has even begun.

Equally :

Yeeeeaas. I’m fully aware Microsoft presented it as an “entertainment device”. This, again, is why the PS4 totally destroyed the XBox One in sales – because some fucking overpaid dunce at the helm of Microsoft didn’t spot that gamers don’t actually want an “entertainment device” – they want a games console. And what you have them was a woefully underpowered gaming console with about 2 decent XBox exclusive titles.

How many XBox owners do we really think used their XBox to play their music and watch films on, and then “ooh, let me do a bit of gaming on it too now!”. How do you executive fucking clowns justify your exorbitant wages to make utterly clueless decisions like this?!

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