SHUT UP because we’re nice and we’re telling you to….

Hot on the heels of the Alphabet Mafia’s failure to eradicate common sense at the High Court yesterday, comes my discovery of THIS:

Yes, it’s gay people against gay people!! At least that is exactly how you fucking hate-filled muppets are coming across to us normies here. “No no, not you other gay people – you lot can shut the fuck up, you fucking bigots!!!! We’re the PROPER gay people over here!!”

Jesus fucking christ are these people that lacking in self-awareness that they really can’t see what damage they’re doing to the normal, every day gay man or woman out there.

Yes, that was a rhetorical question….

Proof, right there in black and white (and yes all those rainbowy colours as well) that these people are actively trying to SILENCE ANYONE who doesn’t agree with them – even other gay people who don’t quite concur that “LGBT RIGHTS SHOULD BE SHOWN TO CHILDREN JUST AFTER BIRTH!!!!!!!“. Look, I’m really sorry your own childhood was so fucked up and ruined, but really, you can find some other form of healing than to try your hardest to ruin everyone else’s! Just let me know and I’ll look up some local counselling services for you, mmmkaaay….?

Does this group seem “dangerous” or “threatening” to you….? This is their site.

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