Star Wars: Taika Waititi Provides Update on His Lucasfilm Movie – The Direct

Does anyone fucking care, about any of it by this point…?

I’ve no doubt at all they will fuck up Rogue Squadron as a film just like they fucked up the last Star Wars game – confirming on Twitter to no one who was a Star Wars fan that “oooh one of the pilots is NON-BINARY!!!”. Cos, you know, I’m sure that deeply affected the plot, and all.

As for the Squadrons game, based along similar lines, it was a fucking shit show. I clearly remember flying into some massive structure in my Tie Fighter, and seeing a load of X-Wings just hanging there down some tunnel. I am not making this shit up. As I flew closer to them, some of them suddenly flew into the walls, and some into each other. Fucking incredible level of quality control. You might just have spotted that one before you pissed the game out, but hey at least you DID make sure to include a non-binary pilot!!

The explosions, too, were pathetic – looking like a game made nearly 10 years earlier. No, graphics are not everything. But when you had had the technology to so easily made very decent, very Star Wars-y explosions in a computer game, for some years now, why would you not bother to implement that, and instead just chuck out something that looks dated and weak in the modern age?

You fucking bell-ends.

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