Maya Forstater: Woman who lost job over transgender views wins appeal against employment tribunal

FINALLY a small win for basic common sense (and why do the shrieking fucking morons now knee-jerk associate anyone typing “common sense” as “TRUMP SUPPORTING BIGOT CONSERVATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!“? Because they’re fucking simple – in a nutshell).

The reaction from one transsexual rights campaigner was jaw-droppingly (if predictably) horrific. He said that “this ruling doesn’t just mean trans people should be scared. This affects women, black people”…….err…..HOW????????????????? She simply said people can call themselves anything they like, but they can’t change their sex. This is the truth. What the fucking hell has that got to do with women and black people??!!!

This is classic out of pram toy throwing by the Alphabet Mafia. When things don’t go their way, when THEY can’t silence people, they start flailing around spitting all sorts of total fucking nonsense because they can never tolerate the fact that people with the opposite view to their own are allowed to speak freely. And now that’s been underlined by the High Court, my GOD they’re going to be fucking losing their MINDS on Twitter. I don’t even want to look. But trust me it will be a combination of utter nonsense and totally hilarious bollocks.

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