It is as we have foreseen

Okay nothing wrong with this article

But it’s the fuckwitted comments like this I take issue with:

As I replied, although, my comment won’t be approved, it makes you wonder if those wondering if we realise the true cost think we have eyes in our head or and the ability to read. YES WE FUCKING KNOW HOW MUCH IT COSTS ALTOGETHER. Why are these arrogant fucking dicks always so fucking certain it’s only they, who would neeeever be so daft as to subscribe to a partwork model build, who ever consider what the full cost would be after 2 years? The number of issues is stated on the publisher’s website, and the cost per issue is stated on the publisher’s website. Just how fucking stupid do you actually think we are you fucking tosspot. Fuck off and go and watch your football game – I’m sure you think that’s faaaar more of a bargain….

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