Anne Boleyn star Jodie Turner-Smith responds to casting criticism

Yes, yeeeeeaaaaas, of course, we’re used to anyone daring to point out what fucking ridiculous casting this is as “racist”. (I’ve read the comments, and basic as some of them are, none I’ve seen could accurately be described as “racist”).

Bit ironic, really, considering the fact that if a biopic of Stevie Wonder had cast a white person as Stevie, then you would be told that that casting was racist.

In any case all of the debate is a moot point really – the first episode pulled in 720,000 viewers – compared with 2.9 million for some show about a farm in the same slot the previous week. This was, wait for it, despite people on Twitter saying how excited they were for it!!

Yet…again…programme makers think people on Twitter give a fucking SHIT about your woke film or show. They don’t. They just tweet about it. This does not translate to viewing figures because they won’t watch it – they’ve already moved on to the next #DIVERSITY and #Inclusive thing to virtue signal over. I wonder just how long it’s going to take before the penny drops with these film and TV show makers.

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